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Dutch surprise
My wife, Paula, and I have just returned from a two-week vacation in Europe. On such trips I always actively seek out pipe shops and, even, pipemakers. In Amsterdam, I really hit the jackpot.

A combination of an outstanding pipe museum and pipe shop, the Pijpenkabinet Museum and Smokiana Pipeshop (whose sales support the museum), is unique. Overseen by two delightful pipe smokers and pipe historians, Don Duco and Benedict Goes, this place is a must see for any touring pipe smoker who finds himself in Amsterdam. My guess is that most American pipe smokers have no clue that this combination museum and pipe shop even exists. Yet, it is first-rate in every way.

The stock of the pipe shop is extensive, consisting of both display cases and large drawers containing a large number of new pipes, which is right around 3,000, I believe. These include Dunhill and many other English makers; many of the French makers; Peterson; and a number of Italian and Danish makers; Zenith ceramic pipes; and many unsmoked older briar pipes (such as the peculiar dental pipes that I used to see in catalogs and pipe shops in the ‘60s). The smoke shop also carries a good selection of tinned tobaccos, pipe and tobacco books (new and used) and accessories (both new and antique for sale). Although Don told me that Dutch pipe smokers have little interest in estate pipes, the shop still has a number of pre-smoked pipes as well. The books published by the museum are also for sale there, including two in English that I purchased—Century of Change : The European Clay Pipe (1830 – 1940) by Don Duco and The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes by Benedict Goes. Don told me that his next book will be focused on the history of the briar pipe as it emerges from the rich clay pipe history.

The website for both the museum and shop can be found at www.pijpenkabinet.nl/, should anyone want to check it out—it is worth the time.

Dr. Dan Locklair
Composer-in-Residence and Professor of Music
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

P&T: While not yet having had a chance to visit the museum and shop, we have been aware of Pijpenkabinet Museum and Smokiana Pipeshop. The contributions that Duco and Goes have made to the knowledge of the hobby are significant, and we look forward to a visit to Amsterdam for a feature in a future issue.

China delight
My wife and I just returned from a fantastic trip to China. When we were at a ferry pier walking to a boat that was going to sail around the city, I spotted the most unusual restroom signs I have ever seen. I forgot my camera, but a fellow tourist, Rene Montemayor, took the pictures below and sent them to me. As you can see, men smoke pipes while women wear high heels.

Rick Newcombe
Brentwood, California


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