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The return of some classics

Too often we pipe enthusiasts find ourselves reminiscing about and mourning the loss of great pipe tobaccos. So many tobaccos are no longer manufactured, or supply never meets demand, or importation has ceased, and we’re left smoking the other great tobaccos that are still available. But even so, we always miss that iconic blend that our memories insist was better than anything else currently accessible.

For once, though, we have some great news about some tobaccos that have been unavailable in the U.S. for several years: Capstan and Three Nuns.

By the time you read this, they’ll be available again. Manufactured now by Mac Baren Tobacco Co. and imported by Sutliff Tobacco Co., you could be smoking them in a matter of days.

“We’re excited to have these brands back on the U.S. market after so many years,” says Paul Creasy, president of Sutliff Tobacco. “It’s a great thing for American pipe smokers and for the pipe tobacco market in the U.S.”

Production will be somewhat limited at first as manufacturing ramps up and demand is measured. For the first three months the blends will be available exclusively through, which has purchased the entire beginning production and will help test the popularity of the re-releases in the U.S. Once demand is better measured, the tobaccos will be available at tobacconists across the country.

“Capstan and Three Nuns are iconic,” says F. Sykes Wilford, president of “They came off of the U.S. market sometime right before I became involved in the tob-acco industry in the late 1990s, but they’re the sort of legendary tobaccos that people just don’t forget. I’ve had hundreds of conversations over the years about these celebrated blends. And I’ve carried more than a few tins of both Capstan and Three Nuns back in hand luggage from Denmark and Germany for my own consumption over the years. To say that I’m excited that these are coming back on the market would be a remarkable understatement. will be the launch customer for these blends in the U.S. before they’re more widely distributed. As the head of,I’m really excited about that. But, as a pipe smoker finally able to get these in the U.S., I’m positively giddy.”

Pipe smoking is not a disappearing pastime; tobacco sales to pipe smokers is rising, and we see more interest in pipes every day in tobacco shops and at every pipe show. The return of these great blends is evidence that manufacturers are confident. Despite all the continuing smoking regulations, there is still a great future for those of us who enjoy pipes. And that great future means we can now also enjoy the past—we can again enjoy some tobaccos that have been accessible only by memory for too many years.


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