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Nate King pipes
pskingPipemaker Nate King learned the necessity of precision, efficiency, attention to detail and sleek design as a racing mechanic and transmission specialist in IndyCar racing. When he began making pipes just a few short years ago, he found those values translated perfectly into pipemaking.
King has gained attention in the pipe-collecting universe with his unique Gear Punk and Steam Punk pipe designs, but he is  a dedicated student of creating classically inspired pipes as well. No matter if it’s an avant-garde design or a classic, each Nate King pipe is engineered to provide only the best smoking experience possible.
Nate King pipes are available at www.natekingpipes.com, Smokingpipes.com and Smokershaven.com.

Bonfiglioli Christmas pipe
Each year Alberto Bonfiglioli pleases a select group of pipe smokers with the psalbertorelease of his Christmas pipe.
The 2013 edition ($250) is a Dublin shape with a sterling silver band. Bonfiglioli makes approximately 25 Christmas pipes every year.
To order an Alberto Bonfiglioli pipe, contact him through his website at www.bonfigliolipipe.it.


Mastro Beraldi giants
psmb1 The popular Mastro Beraldi brand, handmade in Rome, Italy, by a father and son team, has recently introduced a limited number of giant-sized briars in rustic and sandblast finishes. Retailing from just $275–$350, these monsters sport hand-cut acrylic mouthpieces fitted to their always hand-turned bowls.
Locate your closest Mastro Beraldi dealer by contacting R.D. Field at 575.526.6132; email: rdfield@q.com; website: www.rdfield.com.

Savinelli St. Nicholas pipe
saintnicholas2013Christmas is a tradition, smoking pipes is a tradition, and Savinelli is a tradition. The lattermost may be the youngest of the three, but even at 137 years of age, Achille Sr.’s namesake marque has managed to bring comfort and pleasure to generations of pipe smokers.
This year, Savinelli has introduced a series just for the holiday season. With warm, dark rustic finishes, bright red and white metal accents, and classic Savinelli designs, Savinelli’s St. Nicholas pipe is the perfect choice for a Christmas morning bowl.
To find your nearest Savinelli dealer, contact Laudisi Distribution Group at 843.281.9304.



Torino pipes
Torino pipes come in several standard shapes, offered in three finishes: psarangosandblast black with vulcanite stems, Simpatico smooth burgundy with vulcanite stems, and premier smooth brown with Lucite stems.
Master carver Otello Lorenzetti founded the company in 1934 with a vision of creating world-class pipes using native Italian briar.
Torino pipes are available at fine pipe dealers nationwide. To locate your nearest Torino dealer, contact Arango Cigar Co. at 800.222.4427; email: arangocigar@aol.com.

Wayne Teipen pipes
psteipenAmerican pipemaker Wayne Teipen began smoking and collecting pipes in 2006. With Teipen’s innate curiosity, it was only natural that he would attempt to make his first pipe two years later using only a pre-drilled block, a dremel, sandpaper and some files and rasps. To his surprise, he found that first effort smokeable and was hooked.
More than five years later, with an undying passion for the craft and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Teipen produces 30 to 40 pipes a year, taking the time to focus on quality rather than quantity. Teipen uses prime sources of Mediterranean briar, incorporates various exotic materials and hand cuts each stem from German Ebonite and, on occasion, acrylic.
Teipen Handmade Pipes can be purchased directly from www.teipenpipes.com. They can also be purchased from online retailers www.thepipeguys.com and www.pipesandcigars.com.

S.E. Thile pipes
Scott Thile crafts his pipes from Italian, Algerian or Grecian briar and hand psthile1cuts his stems from the finest German Ebonite and Cumberland. Adornments include exotic woods, ivory, bone, pearl or antler. Thile provides a one-year warranty against material defects, and any pipes may be returned unsmoked within 15 days of purchase for a full refund. S.E. Thile pipes are available at Smokingpipes.com and Qualitybriar.com. They may also be purchased from Thile’s website at www.sethilepipes.com.


Drew Estate pipe tobacco
psdrew1In the world of cigars, Drew Estate has long been known to be an innovator by introducing brands such as Acid, Natural and Ambrosia. Now the company is turning its creativity and vast tobacco knowledge to the pipe tobacco world.
Pungent, smoky and medium-bodied, Meat Pie is a blend that Drew Estate describes as a reinterpretation of a classic early 20th century novel.
Central Park Stroll features a blend that evokes the aroma of standing outside a bakery, with notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel.
Locate the nearest Drew Estate tobacco dealer by contacting Drew Estate at 786.581.1800; website: www.drewestate.com.

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