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A man of many talents

Lester Garlow was at his best when carving pipes

by Bruce Garlow

He was a Navy man who fought the Japanese in World War II and helped shepherd the heavily damaged light cruiser USS Marblehead to home port follGarlow3owing a massive air attack on the ship off the Borneo coast in early 1942.

He was a pretty fair athlete and acrobat in his youth and, even as the 40-something father of two teenage sons, could still do handstands and flips in the front yard of our suburban home.

He was a guitar and harmonica player, singer, book lover, romantic, trivia buff before there was such a thing and fan of swashbuckling adventure stories. He also was a painter, sculptor and engraver.

But my dad’s true talent was carving pipes, and where he tinkered at most other pursuits, in this he was a master.

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