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Focused pursuit

Wayne Tiepen doesn’t merely pick up pipemaking–he chases it with everything he’s got

by Stephen A. Ross

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Wayne Teipen strives to get the most out of everything he does. Whether it’s in his health care profession, projects around the house, wilderness hikes or his recently found interest in pipemaking, the 42-year-old Indiana native rarely lets go of anything until he feels like he’s mastered it and is ready to move on to another challenge.

“I guess you can say I suffer from a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder,” Teipen says, joking about his single-minded and determined approach.

Teipen makes pipes inside the two-car garage attached to the two-story home that he shares with his wife, Amy, and children Abby, Josie and Joel, in Cloverdale, Ind., a community of a little more than 2,000 people that’s located approximately 40 miles west of Indianapolis. It’s a tight-knit small town that typifies traditional Hoosier values—the importance of family and self-reliance, where deeds carry more weight than words, and where one works hard not for fame but because that’s how one was raised.

All of these qualities make up a part of Teipen’s personality. He’s a quiet man who, while friendly and easy to talk to, obviously feels a little uncomfortable when he becomes the topic of conversation. He tends to downplay his own achievements while emphasizing those of others.

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