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Perfect union

The popularity of Cornell & Diehl’s pipe tobacco blends leads the company to partner with Laudisi Distribution Group

Chris Tarler and Sykes Wilford

Chris Tarler and Sykes Wilford

Sometimes a company can be a victim of its own success. That’s certainly been the case with Cornell & Diehl, which produces pipe tobacco brands such as Cornell & Diehl, Hermit Tobacco Works, Castello, Two Friends and G.L. Pease that have proved so popular that company personnel have had a hard time keeping up.

It became clear to company president Chris Tarler, who took over the company after the passing of his father, Craig, in 2012, that Cornell & Diehl, crammed into a 5,000-square-foot building in Morganton, N.C., needed help to keep pace with the demand for its tobaccos. They needed more space, better inventory systems, improved marketing and fulfillment, increased efficiency and more time to devote to what they do best—blend tobacco.

A few years ago, Craig Tarler and Sykes Wilford of Laudisi Enterprises discussed creating a partnership. At the time, Wilford didn’t think his company could help, but since then it has grown to become a leader in pipe sales and distribution and now handles the U.S. importation of Savinelli. Wilford and Tarler reached an agreement to merge the two companies that promises to benefit consumers and ensures Cornell &
Diehl’s future.

Since Jan. 1, Laudisi Distribution Group has taken over distribution of the Cornell & Diehl family of pipe tobaccos.

“Cornell & Diehl as it currently exists is not going to change significantly,” says Wilford. “None of the people are changing; the entire staff is staying in place. What will happen is that suddenly Cornell & Diehl will have access to our photographers, IT people and our programmers, and the distribution will go through Laudisi Distribution Group. Now they will have access to the business advantages of a larger organization. The product isn’t changing, but the mechanics of running an efficient organization are.”

With Laudisi Distribution Group handling the distribution and marketing of Cornell & Diehl products, the Cornell & Diehl team is looking forward to concentrating on manufacturing and exploring projects that had previously been impossible due to monetary, personnel and technical restraints. The merger will also allow Cornell & Diehl to increase its inventory stock so that orders can be immediately processed.

While Laudisi owns Cornell & Diehl, Chris and Patty Tarler are now shareholders in Laudisi, and Chris will continue to run Cornell & Diehl, thus ensuring the company’s reputation for integrity remains unsullied.

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