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Reliving Las Vegas


Reliving Las Vegas

It was in 2008 that two incredibly dedicated pipe smokers were crazy enough to embark on organizing a show that would take up where California left off after the Los Angeles and Northern
California shows weren’t doable anymore. Crazy like foxes, because Steve O’Neill and Marty Pulvers were willing to anticipate popular demand for a new show in the Southwest. It took some perseverance to get Steve and Marty through the challenges of their first West Coast Pipe Show (WCPS) in 2009. That positive “can do” attitude has certainly paid off in a big way ever since, as the event racked up another major WCPS hit in Las Vegas Nov. 2–3, 2013.

Our club’s secretary/treasurer, Robert Rudd, and I arrived at the Palace Station Hotel about 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1. After my bags were stowed in my room, I went down to have a look at what was happening, and what a wonderful look it was. Pipe smokers were all over the place, including a few very active tables next to Jack’s Irish Pub. It’s the kind of unique informal gathering that can only happen right before a pipe show. Another meeting by the International Charatan Collectors Society (ICCS) at 5 p.m. kicked off the weekend excitement, and perhaps the ICCS meeting has become part of the WCPS tradition now? (Charatan collectors coming to the 2014 show are invited to attend the ICCS meeting on Friday, Nov. 7. For more details, visit the WCPS website at

At 8 a.m. on Saturday, exhibitors began assembling their displays. The bare handful of last-minute no-shows detracted not at all from the more than 100 tables that were filled to capacity. Before the show opened to the public at 10 a.m., a very nice line at the door had already formed. Guests checking in at the admissions table could examine a good selection of high-grade pipes, tobaccos and pipe books being offered for the raffle. There were plenty of people who purchased raffle tickets going in, so my congratulations to the lucky winners, whoever you are! The show added a new feature in the form of a tobacco-tasting contest provided by Paul Creasey of Sutliffe/Mac Baren, Leonard Wortzel of STG-Lane Ltd. and Russ Oullette of Hearth and Home.

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