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by William Serad

Regarding pipe smoking in the car, I heard from Greg Curtis. He expressed concern regarding the potential for the air bag being deployed, and the pipe being driven somewhere other than along for the ride. I share this concern. I don’t even like cellphone use in cars, just because of the distraction. Similarly, lighting should happen before leaving and not in the midst of contending with the flow of traffic. Be that as it may, an immediate problem I discovered in my youth was looking left for cars and hitting the window with a Canadian (pipe, not resident of the country north of our border). Yes, I am that clumsy and have been for a long time. Consequently, I have adopted a full-bent-only policy because of my remarkable physical ineptitude. I would think this would be adequate for the air bags too. Moreover, having been the recipient of a big gust of air from the window distributing a flume of embers, I always use a wind screen. These are unattractive, sometimes leave a residue around the bowl (which comes off with alcohol), and are difficult to fit to large and small bowls without needle-nosed pliers adjustments, but necessary, completely necessary. If driving with the window open, I urge you to adopt them as de rigueur. And if your pipe provides any distraction, I urge you to abstain while driving.

On my proposed topic of transitions in taste, I received no response whatsoever, nothing, zilch, nada. Either people share mine that I outlined in some detail or the topic is of no import. In discussing the subject with our esteemed editor, we shared a similar transition from aromatics to English to Virginia flakes or Virginia/Perique blends. Is this the path of most smokers? I have met very experienced smokers who have stuck with aromatics through the decades. I have met pipers who have no fondness whatsoever for Latakia. But it is rarely the case, in my experience, for people to have stayed in the genre where they started. Come on now, what about you? Surely, you have something to share, gentle reader.

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