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Kiribi lighters
Pipestuff-Kiribi2Inspired by the Japanese practice of casting sparks on a beloved traveler’s back, Kiribi lighters combine smart, retro styling with modern improvements in engineering, including innovations such as a dual-flame design, which provides the benefit of a wider, more gentle light for your pipe, and a single tank of extraordinary fuel capacity.
All Kiribi lighters are 100 percent handmade in Japan and feature nickel, Pipestuff-Kiribisteel and brass components in all the essential parts, except for a special polymer spring that is 200 percent more resistant to fatigue than steel and is reserved for the opening/closing mechanism.
Kiribi lighters are available at fine tobacconists everywhere. Locate your nearest Kiribi dealer by contacting Laudisi Distribution Group at 843.491.4150; email: sales@laudisi.com.


Lee von Erck Classics pipes
Pipestuff-Von-erckA pipemaker for 30 years, Lee von Erck handcrafts one pipe at a time from his home in Negaunee Township, Mich. Each Lee von Erck Classics pipe is a one-of-a-kind piece that is the result of Von Erck bringing the briar’s best character out of the wood as well as an excellent smoking pipe based on Von Erck’s experience of more than 50 years as a pipe smoker himself. Each Lee von Erck Classics pipe undergoes a lengthy oil-curing and drying process after it has been drilled, shaped and polished and before the mouthpiece for each pipe is handcrafted.
Learn more about Lee von Erck Classics pipes by visiting Von Erck’s website at www.von-erck.com.


Heritage Pipes
Heritage Pipes by Wayne Teipen are an economical option for the PipestuffHP1discerning pipe smoker looking for a pipe that smokes like a high-end pipe but at a price that’s easier on the wallet. They are made from hand-finished, machine-made bowls. The stems are all handmade from the same high-quality materials and with the same process and precision as a completely handmade, high-end artisan pipe, all the way down to the polished airway. No premolded stems are used. Heritage pipes offer a value unlike any other on the market—a hybrid factory pipe made with the same attention to detail as a high-end artisan pipe.
For more information and to check out the selection, visit Teipen’s website at www.teipenpipes.com.

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