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New online forum
I would like to take a moment to interrupt the entire staff of P&T. Yes—I’m talking to you. Stop what you are doing for a minute. OK, paying attention? Good. I have been a reader for years, and P&T was my window into the larger pipe community before I discovered the online scene. Though you have evolved with the digital edition (which I use from time to time), there is still something to be said for receiving that large glossy magazine, full of pipe porn and stories every three months.
If I had one complaint, it would be that it is not a monthly publication. So, I would like to say, from the bottom of my long-shanked billiard, thank you for putting this together and keeping it fresh and interesting. OK … now get back to work, as I want my summer issue on time!
That being said, let me take a minute to bring you up to speed on the creation of a new online community. Recently, I and a few other brave and optimistic souls decided that there was something missing in the online arena. Yes, there are plenty of forums out there, but they seem overly similar. What did you smoke today? Who’s your favorite carver? What’s your favorite tobacco? Now, there is nothing wrong with that, and it is a necessary part of any online forum—but there is no insight into the individual. The pipes and tobaccos you smoke do not define the person you are.
So, we set out to develop a community that would allow people to be themselves. How do you do that? Simple: You allow the community to be a part of everything that happens. You allow everyone to air opinions without fearing retribution. You encourage people to share more than just their pipe and tobacco selections. It is in the  details, and sometimes in the random conversation, that you learn about the person behind the avatar. That is how you grow a community. In the age of the Internet and anonymous communication, we wanted to bring a level of humanity back to the online community. That is how we developed The Pipe Club (www.mypipeclub.com).

Whether it’s about your newest chili recipe, that great new book you read or how to fix the broken pipe you found in the drawer, club members are talking! If you want to keep up with your friends while going through your day, you can use the real-time chat, and if you need to know when your next pipe club meeting is, check out the calendar of events.
What makes us unique is that, as members come up with new ways they would like to interact with each other, we work hard to make it happen. This is why we are not a forum; we are a club. It is our goal and mission to give members what they are seeking in one comfortable place—a place to call home. We are no different from the group you hang out with at your local B&M. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, stop over, pull up a chair and light a bowl. You will be among friends … that I can promise you!
So, friends, brothers and sisters of the briar, I hope to see you soon. In the meantime, I will be enjoying my next issue of P&T magazine, thanks to the hard-working folks who put this all together.
The Staff & Members of The Pipe Club

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