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Klaus Zenz pipes
Klaus Zenz is a skilled cabinetmaker who is also a pipemaker. Zenz hand-carves each of his pipes from the finest Italian briarwood available, and he also hand-cuts his own mouth-pieces from food-grade Ebonite and Cumberland, though he will use acrylic if a customer demands it. For adornments, Zenz uses palm wood, rosewood and, sometimes, brass.
For more information or to commission your own pipe, email Zenz at Klaus@zenz-pipes.com; website: www.zenz-pipes.com.
Regina Scarlatta pipes
pipestuff-reginaCristian Galeazzi learned pipemaking from Il Ceppo’s Franco Rossi. Each of Galeazzi’s Regina Scarlatta pipes is unique, expressing a sophisticated and elegant artistic touch and made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and good-smoking characteristics.
Regina Scarlatta pipes are available on the company’s website at
www.reginascarlatta.it or through Galeazzi at info@reginascarlatta.it.


Mario Pascucci pipes
pipestuff-pascucciFor more than 30 years, Mario Pascucci worked inside the Mastro de Paja factory in Pesaro, Italy, where he carved some of the brand’s most famous freehand shapes. Pascucci is now working independently and has created his own brand.
Pascucci pipes are made from Italian plateau briar from Tuscany, which he selects on visits to the briar mill. His pipes feature generous tobacco chambers and are adorned with a wide variety of materials.
Pascucci pipes are available at fine tobacco shops. To find a listing of Pascucci dealers, visit www.italianpipemakers.it.


Layton pipes
pipestuff-laytonLocated in State College, Pennsylvania, Clark Layton makes handmade pipes with high technical quality, starting with the finest briar from his briar cutter in Greece. Each stem begins as solid Ebonite rod stock or cast acrylic and is hand-cut. Most of his time is spent on custom-ordered pipes, but he provides a few for Smoker’s Haven (www.smokershaven.com). Layton may be contacted via email at laytonpipes@gmail.com or through his website, www.laytonpipes.com.



Cornell & Diehl Scuderia Series
pipestuff-scuderia“Scuderia” is Italian for “stable” and is now used mainly in conjunction with Formula One racing. The word has long been associated with perhaps Italy’s most-loved and famous brand, Ferrari. Scuderia Ferrari has dominated Formula One racing for most of its 65-year history. So it’s fitting that Cornell & Diehl uses the word to name its latest tobacco release, Scuderia Series, which honors four legendary Italian pipemakers.
The Luigi Radice blend is a mixture of full-bodied Virginias with a hint of Perique. The Don Carlos mixture is a light English and Burley blend that’s been stoved for extra sweetness. The Cavicchi blend is a mixture of full-bodied Burleys topped with subtle notes of chocolate and port. Luciano is a blend of sweet aromatic Cavendish topped with a touch of Amaretto.
Like all Cornell & Diehl tobaccos, Scuderia Series is available at premium tobacco dealers. Find your closest Cornell & Diehl retailer by visiting the company’s website, www.cornellanddiehl.com.


K. Anastasopoulos pipes
pipestuff-greek-guyA student of fine arts and design whose paintings have been part of both solo and group exhibitions throughout Greece, Konstantinos Anastasopoulos began making pipes in 2011.
Crafting both classic shapes and freehand pipes, Anastasopoulos uses briar from Greece, Spain and Italy, and his mouthpieces are carved from German acrylic and Ebonite rods.
Learn more about K. Anastasopoulos pipes at www.kapipes.gr; email: artisventus@gmail.com.



D. Marshall Handcrafted Smoking Pipes
pipestuff-marshallA retired civil engineering inspector, Don Marshall has been making pipes since 2011. Marshall, who considers himself a self-taught pipemaker, gleaned pipemaking tips from Pipe Makers Forum and from friends in the pipe industry, such as Ernie Markle, Bruce Weaver and Rad Davis.
Find more information by visiting D. Marshall Handcrafted Smoking Pipes’ website at www.dmarshallpipes.com; email: don@dmarshallpipes.com. The pipes are available for purchase at www.twofriendspipes.com.

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