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Palm Desert praise

Pipe Lines
When I opened your Summer 2015 issue of Pipes and tobaccos, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article about one of my favorite pipe shops, Palm Desert Tobacco.

Living in the Inland Empire and being a pipe and cigar smoker, there are limited opportunities to find good pipe and tobacco shops, and you have to resort to either purchasing items through Iwan Ries in Chicago or Paradise Cigars in Orange County, which are both excellent sources. It is still refreshing to be able to peruse pipes and cigars at a “local establishment.”

I have been dealing with Palm Desert Tobacco since I moved to the Inland Empire in 1988. At that time, the tobacco shop was located in the Palm Desert Shopping Center. I have had the opportunity to meet and become close friends with Bert and Jack [Bruning, co-owners of Palm Desert] since that time. In fact, I purchased my first seven-day “Sherlock Holmes” set from them.

Now that they are located in the El Paseo area of Palm Desert, it is nice to go there every few months to see any new pipes and cigars, along with purchasing my favorite tobaccos. Because I smoke English blends, I really like their Diplomat and English Gold blends along with some other tobaccos. Also, Bert has done an excellent job of repair- ing some of my pipes.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen. I am glad that you have been recognized for your service to the customers and [continue to be] a great resource to the Inland Empire.

Barry Last, Ed.D.
Inland Empire, California

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