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Acknowledging an important anniversary

It’s 2016, Chinese Year of the Monkey. It’s the year to elect the 45th president of the United States. It’s the U.S. National Park Service’s centennial celebration. It’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Pittsburgh commemorates 200 years as a city. A replica of the Titanic may sail this year. It’s the 20th anniversary for some
married couples, symbolically represented by gifts of china, platinum, emerald and day lily. For us, it’s the 20th anniversary of Pipes and tobaccos, the longest-running commercial consumer magazine for pipe smokers and collectors … ever! To shout it out, if there were a George M. Cohan writing songs today, he might have composed:

You’re a grand old mag. You’re a high-flying mag.
And forever in print may you thrive.

Sappy … syrupy? Sure, but I see every reason to sing its praises this year. It has outlasted every other print magazine for our community. It’s a platinum year in which to commemorate its endurance. Why? Listed below are 12 English-language print predecessors; the 13th did not survive for long. However well-intentioned, for various reasons they were all short-lived:

Pipe Lovers (January 1946–April 1950)
The American Smoker (May 1950–January 1951)
Pipe Smokers Review (May–August 1952)
Pipe World (three issues between August 1969 and March 1971)
Wonderful World of Pipes (one issue in 1970, one issue in 1971)
Pipeman’s Quarterly (1980–1987)
Pipe Smoker, then Pipe Smoker and Tobacciana Trader (1983–1988)
The Compleat Smoker (1990–1991)
Pipe. The Worldwide Pipe Smoker’s Magazine (1995–2001)
Pipe Friendly (1995–2002)
Pipe & Cigar Friends (English edition of Amici della Pipa, 1995–2005)
PipeSMOKE (1997–1999)
Pipe Smoker Unleashed (2012–2013)

In 1966, the biographical film about the 16th-century lord chancellor of England Sir Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons, was released. For these last 20 years, Pipes and tobaccos has been the singular magazine for all seasons. It educates and entertains. It keeps the subscriber current on his pastime. It presents insights on pipemaking, tobacco blending and much more. In essence, it fills just about every pipe aficionado’s informational needs. It is healthy and thriving and, by all the evidence, it is here to stay. Let’s continue to support it, and the only way I know how is by renewing your subscription. Happy 20th, P&T!

Ben Rapaport
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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