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Twenty years of Pipes and tobaccos magazine

Every day is a holiday when you really love your job

by William C. Nelson

For 20 years, Pipes and tobaccos magazine has had the honor of bringing in-depth reporting and entertainment to pipe enthusiasts worldwide. To the best of our knowledge, no other commercial pipe magazine has ever survived for 20 years, or for even half as long as this magazine has been around.

201Most pastimes can claim a journal of some sort to call their own. Even so, it’s tough in today’s market to make a go of it in print publishing, and a lot of magazines disappear before they ever have time to make a mark. We observe, as well, that in a great many magazines, even in old and storied titles (many consumers have surely noticed), editorial standards are in decline. The refinement of the prose, the beauty of the photographs, the relevance and depth of the coverage—these can all wither should budgets or the loyalty of a readership falter. Moreover, in our age of ubiquitous connectivity and a thousand new distractions, the pressures of life constantly beckon people away from that most traditional value of an hour or two spent in quiet solitude with something agreeable to read.

202Yet, despite all, Pipes and tobaccos lives on undiminished, its devoted readership sticking by us year in, year out. Our staff ’s unwavering dedication to quality, to writing that sings and photography that inspires, with full attention to the wants and needs of P&T readers—we believe these values have been crucial to maintaining this magazine’s viability. We are also blessed to have a company owner, Dayton Matlick, and an editor in chief, Chuck Stanion, who love this magazine like they would love a favorite child, and who are wise enough always to put readers first. Truly, every one of us who labors to fill this magazine with engaging content never forgets how lucky we are to have made a fun and contemplative hobby into a paying job.

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