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Doctor of Pipes award

The most prestigious award in the world of pipes is the Doctor of Pipes award conferred at the Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show each year, where two people, one in the Industry/Trade category and one in the Hobbyist category, are recognized for their years of dedication to and support of pipe smoking. Everyone considered for a Doctor of Pipes award has devoted at least two decades of his or her life to promoting pipe smoking and improving the pipe hobby, and each year’s Doctor of Pipes recipients are chosen by the accepted experts in the field, the previously inducted Doctors of Pipes.

Pipes and tobaccos magazine joins the entire pipe community in congratulating the two newest recipients of the Doctor of Pipes award, announced at the Chicago pipe show this year. They are Eugene Umberger, author of many arti- cles on and historian of tobacciana for more than 40 years, and Chuck Stanion, editor of this magazine and administrator of


Industry Hobby Industry Hobby
1998 Tom Dunn Frank Burla 2008 Alberto Bonfiglioli T. Gibb Robinson
1999 Barry Levin Basil Sullivan 2009 William John Ashton-Taylor Fred Janusek
2000 Chuck Levi Ed Lehman 2010 Alan Schwartz Fred Hanna
2001 Bob Hamlin Rich Esserman 2011 Paul Creasy John Eells
2002 Mary McNiel Chuck Rio 2012 Mike McNiel Tad Gage
2003 Peter Stokkebye Linwood Hines 2013 Lee von Erck Rex Poggenpohl
2004 R. David Field Ben Rapaport 2014 Arron Sissom Craig Cobine
2005 Mike Butera Rick Newcombe 2015 Brian Levine Dennis Congas
2006 Marty Pulvers Mike Reschke 2016 Chuck Stanion Eugene Umberger
2007 Tom McCranie Frederico Bayllaender


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