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Cornell & Diehl Bijou flake pipe tobaccoCornell

Cornell & Diehl has just released an interesting new pipe tobacco: Bijou, the first flake in the company’s Cellar Series. Bijou’s flakes are beautifully thin and meticulously pressed, easy to handle and convenient to smoke. Crowned with choice 2003 red Virginias from a select eastern North Carolina crop, Bijou is balanced with sweet brights and exotic, small-leafed Katerini—and just a touch of honey. Bijou requires no adornment, and perhaps only time can improve it. The quality of the leaf, the craftsmanship of the pressing and the discrete presence of honey make Bijou incredibly mature-tasting even fresh from the tin. Complex and distinctive, yet still straightforward, Bijou will please new pipe smokers and seasoned veterans alike. To purchase Bijou, call 888.366.0345 or visit www.smokingpipes.com.




laneLane Dark Red

The newest bulk pipe tobacco blend from Scandinavian Tobacco Group-Lane Ltd., Lane Dark Red, presents a unique blend of cherry and vanilla flavors that pipe smokers will find extremely satisfying. Lane Dark Red can be purchased in 5-pound bags and  is  available  everywhere.  Find  your  nearest  Lane  Ltd. pipe tobacco dealer by contacting Scandinavian Tobacco Group-Lane Ltd. at 770.688.3221; website: www.st-group.com.




W.Ø. Larsen 2016 pipe tobacco


To celebrate 2016, Scandinavian Tobacco Group-Lane Ltd. has introduced a special W.Ø. Larsen mixture. The base of this flavorful blend is a mix of bright and deep mahogany-colored Virginia tobacco. Just the right amount of black Cavendish and Oriental tobacco leaves are added to create complementary fragrant and spicy notes. As a finishing touch, vanilla, coconut and coffee aromas are introduced, making the final blend of W.Ø. Larsen 2016 a remarkable composition.
Learn more by contacting Scandinavian Tobacco Group-Lane Ltd. at 770.688.3221; website: www.st-group.com.


PLC aromatic pipe tobaccoLane2

After an absence of approximately 10 years, Lane Ltd.’s PLC aromatic bulk pipe tobacco is once again available.

PLC is a mild to medium-strength mixture, based on ribbon-cut golden Cavendish tobacco, with a light touch of cherry flavoring for sweetness.  When  opening  the package,  there  is  a  welcoming  fragrance  due  to the select Cavendish. PLC lights  easily,  after  which the cherry flavor rises but without overpowering the delicate tobacco aroma.

PLC is available at fine tobacco shops everywhere.  Find  your  nearest  Lane  Ltd.  dealer  by contacting  Arango  Cigar Company at 800.222.4427; email: arangocigar@aol.com.





St. Bruno and Gold Block pipe tobaccos


Sutliff Tobacco is reintroducing St. Bruno and  Gold  Block  pipe tobaccos to the American market in three distinct blends. Available in 50-gram tins, Gold Block is a subtle blend of Virginia and rich Burley tobaccos. The blend is pressed and put through a secret process to sweeten the smoke.

gold-blockAlso  available  in 50-gram tins, St. Bruno Flake is medium-bodied and can be smoked either by folding  the  flake  or  rubbing it out. The Burley and Virginia flakes of St.Bruno are pressed using a proprietary process.

St. Bruno Ready Rubbed is available in a 50-gram pouch. It is made using the same tobaccos composing St. Bruno Flake, but it is rubbed out and ready for smoking.

St. Bruno and Gold Block pipe tobaccos are available nationwide. Learn more about them and where they may be purchased by contacting Sutliff Tobacco at 804.233.7668; email: orders@sutliff-tobacco.com.




larsen2W.Ø. Larsen Hand Pressed

Scandinavian Tobacco Group will launch a very special limited-edition pipe tobacco, W.Ø. Larsen Hand Pressed, at the IPCPR show in Las Vegas beginning July 24.

Conceived by Lasse Berg to evoke the unique qualities of the Danish moorland, W.Ø. Larsen Hand Pressed is the first tobacco of its kind to be produced by  use  of traditional  techniques largely   forsaken   a   century ago.  By  re-creating  the hand  press,  Berg  fused 21 unique, high-quality tobaccos with the wild aromas  of  gale  leaves hand-picked from the moors of Denmark. The resulting notes of Danish terroir were then carefully preserved, and the exclusive pipe tobacco will be sold in handcrafted    humidors,   only   200   of which are available, at  a  retail  price  of roughly  $1,000  per 100-gram unit. Setting a new standard of luxury in the pipe tobacco category, W.Ø. Larsen  Hand  Pressed  is one  of  the  most  expensive pipe   tobacco   products   on the market.

For more information, visit www.st-group.com.



Vauen 2016 Pipe of the Year

vauen3Every year, Vauen presents a limited-edition Pipe of the Year. Each pipe has a serial number and features a wide sterling silver ring at the end of the stem and a sterling silver logo inserted into the mouthpiece. The 2016 Vauen Pipe of the Year is available in four finishes.

Find  your  nearest  Vauen  pipe  dealer  by  contacting F&K Cigar Company at 314.423.1968.
















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