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master-of-pipes-pinPipes and tobaccos, in partnership with the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club (CPCC) and the Doctors of Pipes, is pleased to announce an annual award to acknowledge, encourage and honor select pipe smokers. This award will confer on deserving individuals the title Master of Pipes.

The Doctor of Pipes award is well-known. However, one requirement for consideration is that a pipe smoker be active in the pipe community for at least 20 years. This stipulation necessarily leaves out younger people who are doing great things. At the Doctor of Pipes meeting in Chicago in May, it was decided that this unintended consequence could be rectified with a new award.

As we all know, there are many people with less than 20 years in the hobby who deserve recognition. This award will have the same requirements as the Doctor of Pipes award except the service requirement is reduced to seven years, and an age cutoff will be stipulated in order to encourage the many younger pipe smokers who are so important to our community. Therefore, it is open only to individuals who are 40 years old or younger as of Jan. 1 of the year of the award.

New Doctors of Pipes are elected by the current population of Doctors. The Master of Pipes award will be the same, except that P&T will be the front line for nominations to be submitted to that august body.

For this award, you can submit the nominations. To do so, here’s what you need to know:

  • Nominees must have at least seven demonstrable years in the hobby and/or industry.
  • They must prove their age is 40 years or less as of Jan. 1, 2017.
  • They must be engaged in activities that promote  pipes/pipe tobacco and support the pipe community.
  • Individuals may not nominate them- selves, though their cooperation will be necessary.
  • Two awards will be conferred each year. As with  the  Doctor  of  Pipes program, one award will be in the industry category (for those working in pipes, such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, pipemaking, photogra- phy, publishing—anything that earns them a living within the pipe com- munity); the other is for hobbyists.
  • Recipients will be awarded at the CPCC cigar dinner during the Chicago pipe show each year. Attendance is mandatory.
  • A committee chosen by Pipes and tobaccos magazine will review nominations and submit five in each category to the Doctors of Pipes, who will review the candidates’ qualifications and choose the winners each year. Masters of Pipes will be included in the voting process in the future.
  • At the show, each winner will receive a framed certificate, a medal and lapel pins indicating their selection as a Master of Pipes.
  • A Master of Pipes is eligible for a Doctor of Pipes award in the future.

To nominate a deserving pipe smoker, please send a letter enumerating the nominee’s qualifications, including his or her contact information (especially telephone number and email address), birth date and the length of time the person has been active in the hobby, to:

Pipes and tobaccos magazine
Master of Pipes
3101 Poplarwood Court, Suite 115
Raleigh, NC 27604

Or,   preferably, you may send your nomination via email to

Remember to write the nomination honestly  and  to  the  full  advantage  of the  candidate,  including  their  contributions to the hobby. This is what we’ll primarily  be  judging  acceptability  on, so make it good. Nominations that do not  include contact information (both email and telephone number) for both the submitter and the candidate will be disregarded. We will research the candidate and find the best that we can to forward to the Doctors of Pipes for selection.  Nominations  must  be  received on  or  before  Dec.  2,  2016.  The  first awards  will  be  presented  at  the  Chicago show in May 2017. Please forward questions via email to Chuck Stanion,

The award will be covered in the pages of P&T magazine, including photos of the winners. If possible, the new Masters of Pipes will be featured on the cover of the magazine. Here’s hoping they’re relatively photogenic, but we all know that  pipe  smokers  are  extraordinarily attractive human specimens.


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