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Once upon a time, I used to read a lot more than I do these days, ever since family and business matters have taken over my life and stolen my freedom. You know how it goes. In my younger days I was quite the novel-reader, and I took some pride in that. But these days I have come to realize I will have to wait for retirement to make reading good books a pastime once again. I still do, however, make time for Pipes and tobaccos magazine, without fail. Since my schedule permits so little recreational reading time (a thing I am rather ashamed to admit), I find that I dive into P&T with something akin to a hunger. I devour every issue cover to cover while I smoke a bowl of well-aged Virginia in a favorite old bulldog. So I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the quality that you pour into every issue.

Being an admitted recovering (or unrecovered) fiction fan, I am especially grateful to P&T, and to your exceptional writer Marc Munroe Dion, for his continuing series of pieces chronicling the life of newspaperman Jack Dupont. Even if I can’t tackle the latest best-seller, I can at least keep a hand in by way of Mr. Dion’s well-crafted work. A favorite uncle of mine was a newspaper reporter, and I credit him with inspiring me to a love of the written word. So Mr. Dion’s Jack Dupont stories really send me back to a happy time when I was growing and learning fast. Please keep the Dion submissions coming!

Tom Bennet

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