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Durango Pipe Tobacco Cigars

durangoDurango Cigars was founded in St. Louis in 1997 by cigar distributor Kevin Brennan. After years of experimenting with pipe tobacco cigar blends, Brennan opened a St. Louis wine and tobacco shop called Brennan’s in 2003 and began selling the cigars to his customers.

The American Aromatic series is the mildest of Durango’s pipe tobacco cigars, and it consists of three varieties. Colombian Mocha is a blend of black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos enhanced by dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, mint and American whiskey that offers an original, full and sweet taste with a pleasing aroma. Elmer’s Burnt Peach is a medium blend of toasted Cavendish with the slightly sweet aroma of peach and rosemary, aged with American whiskey and cedar wood. This blend is named after Durango co-founder Jordan Renaud’s grandfather Elmer Renaud. Three Cherry Cavendish is a blend of lemon Virginia and black Cavendish with the sweet yet refined taste of dark cherries, cinnamon, clove, orange peels and American whiskey.

The International Blend series presents three pipe tobacco cigars with herbal elements. Classic Turkish Stout presents a rich, full Oriental mixture of smoked Latakia, Perique and fragrant Turkish balanced with the naturally sweet flavor of matured Virginias, white tea leaves and Islay single malt Scotch whisky. Perique’s Rose is a cigar made with a small dose of raspberry Cavendish that’s married with a blended top note and smoky Perique and finally aged with cinnamon sticks, ginger and thyme. The English Porterhouse is dark in color and presents a full blend that is rich with Latakia, spiced with Oriental leaf, then mellowed with stoved Virginia and aged with rosemary and Highland single malt Scotch whisky.

The Modern Virginia series is Durango’s best-selling cigar line and consists of two varieties. Crooked Nightcap is an unusual English Virginia matured with aged Nicaraguan rum that provides an exceptionally soft, medium body that is both refined and high grade. Fox & The Hound is a light-bodied Virginia Cavendish, aged with vanilla beans to offer a creamy, lightly sweet taste and memorable pipe aroma.

Durango pipe tobacco cigars are available at www.durangocigars.com.

Old Dominion Williamsburg clay pipe

od3Old Dominion Pipe Company’s Williamsburg is an authentic press-molded clay pipe copied from original surviving clay pipe artifacts excavated at a Colonial tobacco plantation site on the same farm where Old Dominion Pipe Company grows the corn for its corncob pipes.

The company used 21st-century solutions to create an authentic 18th-century clay pipe. Old Dominion used modern 3-D scanning technology to capture the exact detail of the original artifacts, used 3-D computer technology to virtually reassemble the artifacts into an intact pipe, and finally used 3-D printing technology to reverse-engineer the press mold used to make the Williamsburg clay pipe.

Old Dominion Williamsburg clay pipes are sold at Colonial Williamsburg and are being used as props on season two of Frontier, a Netflix series about fur trapping and skirmishes with Indians set in the 1700s in Canada.

The pipes are available for sale at Smokingpipes.com, Tobaccopipes.com and

Vauen Collection Cut pipes

vauenVauen has been producing pipes since 1848, making the company the oldest German pipe manufacturer.

Vauen Collection Cut pipes are classically shaped pipes with normal-sized bowls but with shortened stems and mouthpieces, making the pipes handy to carry around and comfortable to hold in the mouth. The pipes are available in three different shapes with three different finishes. The series includes pipes with olive rings and pipes with a sterling silver band.

Vauen pipes are available nationwide. Contact F&K Cigar Company at 314.423.1968 or visit www.fkcigar.com to find your nearest Vauen dealer.

Old Dominion Planter corncob pipe

od2Old Dominion Pipe Company is reintroducing its popular Virginia Planter corncob pipe for 2017.

Using an heirloom white corn variety that was specifically developed during the first half of the 20th century by the corncob pipemaking industry to grow exceptionally large cobs for pipes, Old Dominion is bringing back the Virginia Planter cob pipe with a vastly improved bowl size and a 3/4-inch diameter smoking chamber. The Virginia Planter still retains its traditional bamboo stem that harkens back to the no-nonsense frills of smoking the quintessential American corncob pipe.

The new Virginia Planter went into production in December and is now available at Smokingpipes.com, Tobaccopipes.com and www.olddominionpipe.com.

Credo pipes

Credo-George-LightCredo, the French company that produces cigars and cigar accessories, has never before offered pipes—until now.

The Credo pipe line includes three different shapes with three different finishes available in each shape. The Edgar style has an apple bowl and straight stem, while George has a half-bent mouthpiece and Archibald features a full-bent stem. All three pipes are available in dark sandblast, as well as dark and light smooth finishes, with harmonious dark and light brown stems.

Further details, determined by model, include “frosted” stems (lightly blasted with very fine sand) and satin transition rings between shanks and stems. Stems and rings are both made from Lucite.

Contact Arango Cigar Co. at 800.222.4427 or sales@arangocigarco.com to locate your closest Credo retailer.

War Horse Bar and War Horse Green

whgreen War Horse Bar is a robust blend of dark air-cured and dark fired tobaccos with matured red Virginias firmly pressed into a solid bar. A combination of traditional essences is added to give War Horse Bar an intriguing flavor that belies its strength.

War Horse Green is a bold combination of air-cured and fire-cured forms of Burley with toasty red Virginias added for sweetness. The hearty top note is added to be reminiscent of an Irish blend, but it is considerably more robust.

War Horse is a fabled old British pipe tobacco brand that was last sold in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. The Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania is dedicated to reviving old blends such as War Horse.

The tobacco is produced by Lane Limited and distributed exclusively by Meier & Dutch to tobacconists across the United States. To find your nearest War Horse dealer, email dan@standardtobacco.com.

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