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Emotional connection


They didn’t exactly strike fear into the
hearts of their competitors, but whenever
the slow-smoking competition team
from Manifattura Pipe Brebbia (MPB)
appeared at a slow-smoking contest in
Europe in the 1960s, the other contestants
knew that they would not be taking home
the trophy for keeping a pipe lit the longest.
Like another Italian team—Ferrari,
which dominated Formula One and
sports car racing throughout the 1960s—
the MPB team was the odds-on favorite
to win. And like Ferrari, which always
sought to stretch the limits of the rule
book to gain an unfair advantage over the
competition, the MPB team used a few
tricks to guarantee their championships.

“During that time, competing teams
used their own pipes,” explains secondgeneration
Brebbia owner Luciano
Buzzi. “We developed a pipe for competition
that had a small filter with cotton
on the bottom that allowed our
team members to smoke their pipes for
three or four hours at a time. We won
a lot of competitions around the world,
and they gave us a lot of visibility, so
much so that in 1968 we shortened the
company name to Brebbia. That’s how
we were becoming known in the contests
around the world. We would show
up and the other contestants would say,
‘[Expletive deleted], Brebbia is here,’ and
they knew they would not win. By 1970,
the contest organizers switched the rules,
and competitors all used the same pipe.
We stopped competing after that, but
that was all right because we had already
achieved the increased visibility as a pipe
company that we were after all along.”


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