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Intentional pipemaking


Pipemaker David Huber, 33, working
in a rented artist studio in Durham,
North Carolina, has come a long way
fast in the world of pipemaking. It was
only in 2012, while he was managing
a Verizon store in Chicago, that Huber
finished his first pipe, using a Dremel
and a rasping file he purchased at
a local hardware store. That pipe, he
remembers, was a grueling two-year
project. “I even carved out the mortis by
hand,” Huber says with a laugh. “It took
a ridiculous amount of labor and time
to get that pipe done. I’m grateful that
I don’t do it like that anymore.”


Huber quickly improved on his technique, and
the results are borne out in public view:
In 2013, only a year after grinding out
that first pipe, Huber found himself
numbering among the winning entries
in the Kansas City pipe carving contest.
No flash in the pan, he won “Best Pipe
in Show” in Kansas City in 2015. You
can see what we mean by coming a long
way fast.


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