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Marooned in his art

Mor1Steve Morrisette is surely one of the
most recognizable figures at the pipe
shows. You will find his 6-foot frame,
a silver-bearded countenance peering
from beneath a fedora, stalking rows
of vendor tables, dressed as if for a
board meeting, camera in hand—
on the whole, a most photogenic
and distinguished-looking fellow,
snapping shots of everyone else. As
the best-dressed man in pipemaking,
Morrisette should have cameras
pointed at him.










His famously dapper wardrobe is
a memorable feature of Morrisette’s
personality, but his pipes are what
bring him the attention he most values.
After nearly 20 years of pipemaking,
Morrisette can look upon his
output with deserved satisfaction. His
consistency, eye for fine details and
the beautiful inlay work that distinguishes
many of his pipes indisputably
place this artisan in the echelons
of America’s high-grade pipemakers.







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