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Dr. Bob Pipes: Physician crafted, physician approved

It is, let us say, uncommon to find a general-practice physician crafting smoking pipes. Dr. Robert Kiess is not bashful in his disdain for the anti-smokers’ insistence on conflating the hazards of cigarette smoking with the lofty and comparatively benign pastime of pipe smoking. Years ago he adopted the name “Dr. Bob” for his pipemaking business, to reinforce the point.

Kiess says he has read enough of the literature concerning secondhand smoke to cast some doubt in his mind over the most overblown anti-smoking claims, although he takes more seriously the warnings by pediatricians concerning children in environments with secondhand smoke. “But then we began to hear talk about thirdhand and fourthhand smoke,” he says. “It just becomes absurd. I go by what science has proven.” He adds, “The problem is that there’s so much science in any given area that some outcomes can be manipulated in favor of the people who are writing the articles. That’s the problem right now. Findings are being affected by the vehemence in anti-tobacco sentiment.”

Fellow pipemakers and collectors agree that Dr. Bob has attained a superlative level of achievement in the craft. It is just an added value that Dr. Bob pipes come to us, literally, from the hands and creative spirit of a healer. The doctor is in our camp.

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