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Editor’s desk: The more things change…

I’ve had weeks to think about how to approach this commentary, and I still hardly know what to say. I also realize a lot of you hardly know what to expect. For two decades, Chuck Stanion’s incomparable editorials filled this space, and his wisdom poured unsparingly into every page of this magazine. How can I possibly follow such a performance? If I dare attempt the kind of humor that Chuck conveys so famously and freely, the contrast will find me wanting. If I, a Ph.D. washout, ever try to match Chuck’s erudition (he, a genuine Mark Twain scholar who did earn his doctorate in English), this, too, could only invite humiliation.

So, what then? Should I just be myself, heaven forbid? Perhaps. Since the day Chuck first told me I might be taking over this editorship, I have attended the Kansas City and West Coast pipe shows, which gave me a chance to take the temperature of the crowds and to ask for advice. Without exception, pipe people have counseled me not to worry—and above all, just to be myself. So I’ll try that and see how it goes.

I know that no one wants to see Pipes and tobaccos lurch suddenly off in some new and unfamiliar direction; fans of the magazine have made that clear to me. It is such a gorgeous publication—a veritable coffee-table jewel—that we all want to see its standards preserved. Company owner Dayton Matlick is due a world of gratitude for having created P&T, and for taking such obvious pride in the publication, funding steadfast pipe journalism through 20 years of feast and famine. I will try hard to live up to the legacy Dayton and Chuck created in P&T, both for their sakes and for yours.

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