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Spontaneous combustion

I recently attended the Kansas City pipe show. There is one thing that every single person who walks through the doors of a pipe show has in common with every other person, and that is a passion for and devotion to pipes and tobaccos. No one who goes to a show needs another pipe, or another tin of tobacco or another accessory. We go to shows to celebrate our passion and, more importantly, to join in fellowship with others. And despite increasingly hostile pressures from regulatory bodies and the “nanny state,” we somehow manage to marshal our resources and find creative ways to make it all work, smoking tents and all.

Pipe shows are wonderfully social affairs. Members of a broadly diverse community, initiated into the universal coterie by nothing more than our appreciation for the almost spiritual forces of briar and leaf, come together for a few days to share in our hobby, our pastime. For the most part, we all seem to get along in those few days. We smoke together, eat together, drink together, tell jokes together, breathe the same air and often share deeper aspects of our lives with one another with respect, compassion and understanding.

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