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Confessions of a rookie pipe smoker

by Brian Ledtke

[Editor’s note: Experienced pipe smokers sometimes forget what it was like when we first tried to light up. It can be nostalgic watching a newbie learning the ropes. It can be a bit humorous, too.]


“It is exciting to be on this journey, and I am very thankful to Cliff for helping to guide me down the path of pipes once again. It was always something I wanted to get back into, but with it came fear of the unknown and of failure. For the next few issues I hope to report back with updates on how I am faring with pipe smoking. I’ll talk about my pitfalls and relay the tips and tricks that work for me along the way.

“If anyone reading is new to pipe smoking, I hope this column will help you realize that it’s easier than you think—it just takes practice, and maybe some advice from an experienced hand.”

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