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Lars Ivarsson (1944-2018): A legend lives on


by Rick Newcombe

Lars Ivarsson was a master pipemaker from Denmark who changed the world of pipes forever. Sadly, he died at age 73 on Feb. 11, 2018, but his impact can be seen in the details of every new handmade pipe created by an artisan pipemaker, whether in the United States, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Greece or a dozen other countries around the world.

Now, a whole new category of classical pipes has been created. They include the blowfish, the brandy glass bowl and the smooth acorn with a dark, sandblasted shank. In addition, there are slight modifications of the classical shapes, such as the beveling or rounding the top of the bowl. It is incredible to realize that every one of these new classics came from Lars. The noted collector Richard Esserman believes that Lars’ greatest contribution was his creation of the gentle “S” curve where the shank meets the bowl. It certainly is one of his most imitated accomplishments. Along the same lines, he was the first to create the asymmetrical shank that is so prevalent today in artisan pipes.

On a personal level, Lars was brilliant, warm and very funny. He loved to laugh. He was fluent in four languages, and he was so intelligent that it seemed like he could learn a new language just by listening to a few conversations. He was a gourmet chef and a master knife-maker. Lars was a family man who was very close to his wife, Annette (pronounced “Annetta”); his daughters, Camilla and Nanna; and his four grandchildren.

Lars will be missed personally by those of us who knew him, but his presence will continue to be felt with each new pipe made in the 21st century by an artisan pipemaker. There is no going back. His genius as a pipemaker has changed the world of pipes forever.

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