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Tim Thorpe’s drive for perfection

by William Serad

Imagine the friendly and homey aroma of Middleton Cherry Blend wafting from Dr. Grabows, Kaywoodies and meerschaums. Picture your father as the smoker, while in your mind’s eye you handle his pipes with a child’s interest and curiosity. Think too of the fond olfactory, visual and tactile memories being lodged in your mind when you were 5 or 10 years old—latent, to be awakened when you reached adulthood. Then you will understand the roots of Tim Thorpe’s passion for pipe carving. Today Thorpe—living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a corporate chef at Subaru’s American headquarters—finds himself at age 37 impelled by a drive for continual pipemaking improvement that has come to verge on obsession.


One can discern the Rad Davis influence in Thorpe’s work, a continuing inspiration for shapes. The gentle sweep, the delicate curve—these attributes all appeal to Thorpe and inspire him. (He owns seven Davis pipes.) More and more, one can recognize as well the Danish influence, which lately has blossomed and borne full fruit. Thorpe continues to work on the driftwood finish in different colors. This is a difficult finish to apply; it requires technical control. But Thorpe feels the results are worth the effort.

Thorpe sustains a heartfelt desire for people who own his pipes to enjoy them and to get from them exactly what they want, while in turn he achieves exactly what he wants in every creation. Thorpe plans to continue experimenting and hopes for an ever-wider following. We are sure that word of his creations will travel far and fast. Have a look at Tim Thorpe’s latest on www.timthorpepipes.com or on Instagram (timthorpepipes).

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