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Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire takes its first look at the Holger Danske brand—Danish-style tobaccos from the pros at Germany’s Planta Tabak. The blends might be a little hard to find but might also be worth the quest. G.L. Pease’s tobaccos are certainly well-known commodities, but we thought it was time to provide our take on two mixtures and a fruity plug. And the venerable Wilke Tobacco, founded in 1872, and long blended by Carole Burns of the famed Pipeworks & Wilke, has a new owner. Old Firehouse Smoke Shop’s John Brandt has embraced the line, and it is now being offered through his Fall River, Massachusetts, store (the tobaccos are listed at It’s a place made just a bit famous by the tweedy Marc Munroe Dion in his delightful stories for Pipes and tobaccos magazine—most recently in our previous edition, Winter 2018 (page 22). We’re glad to see the Wilke name continue.

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