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Editor’s Desk: A pipeman’s vacation

I had a working lunch this past week in a little cafe not far from the coast, where most of the customers looked to be beachgoers. I could tell by the sand on their sandals and the scent of sunscreen. It got me to thinking: I wished I could be one of them. A bona fide vacation would do me good — a mere week when my only thought could turn on reading for pleasure or sitting in a lounge chair and letting waitstaff fetch me a steady train of potent potables. Now that P&T’s Fall issue is put to bed, I must admit the feeling of wanderlust is positively overtaking my spirit.
The pleasure of just tossing a couple of bags in the car and taking off is, it seems to me, a quintessentially American privilege — no reservations, no itinerary, and no promises to keep or deadlines to meet — just free time to see and explore and get lost, and to escape. Taking in the patch quilt of America’s small-town sights has been an adventure in its own right ever since Henry Ford gave us mobility. Higher gas prices and busier lives have not diminished the allure of the open road.
And so it is that I can sense a plan coming together. Just in the minutes spent writing these words, I can feel my resolve firming up and my spirits lifting: The great American highway beckons, and I intend to make reply.
But I won’t be pointing my jalopy toward any beach, come to think of it. What beach could I visit where pipe smoking goes free of censure? I need to think carefully and creatively, like a pipe smoker, about how and where to spend my free time. There must be someplace I can visit that will offer both renewal and freedom.
And right away, I can think of an attractive possibility: the North American Society of Pipe Collectors 2018 Swap/Sell Show in Columbus, Ohio.

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