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Pipefuls by William Serad

“The level head, philosophical outlook and deep thinking associated with the pipe are universal values not offered by other tobacco consumption, and through the smoke, metaphorical and real, comes goodwill, hope, kindness and sharing that the world needs. Mankind needs the pipe.”

Given how unfashionable tobacco use is just now, pipe smoking frequently comes under the disapproving scrutiny of many critics, tobacco users or not, even though it is actually more fashionable than it has been in years. I hasten to point out that a pipe is fundamentally not the same as other means of tobacco consumption. Please forgive my judgmental assessments, but it is not like chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, a cigar (having had a resurgence more like a social phenomenon), and it’s certainly not like a cigarette, a bizarre fascination for the terminally agitated. The difference is not reason enough, some say, for smoking a pipe. If the disapprovers’ curiosity is genuine, I will lead them down the tobacco trail.

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