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Welcome aboard!

Pipes and tobaccos magazine takes you and your customers on an exciting journey.  Imagine this: There’s a knock at the door and the postman delivers the most recent issue of Pipes and tobaccos—the ticket to all places dear to pipe lovers the world over. It arrives in the form of a superbly crafted and beautifully rendered folio. Readers are sped along with your host products to tour the delightful lands of:

  • Your craftsmen and artisans who create pipes that are carefully hand-carved or manufactured to precise specifications.
  • Your tobaccos meticulously blended to delight smokers’ palates.
  • Your companies throughout the world working to create the accessories, tampers, lighters, leather pouches, pipe furniture, cleaning stuffs, pipe furniture—all of the items incident to expanding the pleasures derived from pipe smoking.

You’ll take your customers to Turkey to explore the meerschaum mines, to the Baltic region for visits with the men who dig the briar, the cutters who prepare it and the graders who sort the blocks to be chiseled and formed to your specification into pipes for an avid community of pipe-smoking enthusiasts. They’ll marvel at the beautiful tobacco fields of Virginia and explore the origins of oriental tobaccos. They’ll tour the Perique factory in St. James Parish, Louisiana and you’ll be with them.

Take the journey. Speak with those companies who return issue after issue to host their customers on this trip of discovery to increased sales and profits. There’s a first-class room for your products in Pipes and tobaccos magazine.

Pipes and tobaccos magazine is published quarterly, with a variety of accommodations to suit every pocketbook. Why not join the most successful pipe and tobacco merchants in the world?

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