Foundations : Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine


If you’ve not tried Pipes and tobaccos Foundations, you’re missing a lot. There are 4 main sections to Foundations:

1. Forum: the online community
The online community in Foundations is a remarkable source of information. Subjects number in the hundreds and posts in the thousands. There is certainly room for growth, and we hope you’ll try out Foundations to see if you’d enjoy being part of it.

2. The Collection Software: maintain a comprehensive catalog of your pipes and tobaccos.
The Collection Software in Foundations allows you to keep track of your collection of pipes, tobaccos, and accessories for personal or insurance purposes. Best of all, you may share photos of your collection with the online community with the click of a mouse.

3. The Library
The Foundations Library is a pipe lovers treasure trove and it is continually growing. Currently, you have access to The Complete Smoker from the entire 1990-1991 run. The entire 1983-1988 run of Pipe Collector International’s Pipe Smoker magazine and the entire seven years of Pipe Friendly magazine.

4. The Pipe Enthusiast
It is you and fellow pipe and tobacco enthusiasts who make Foundations a connection to the global pipe smoking community. There is more to Foundations than can be described without experiencing it. Take Foundations for a test drive, the first 30 days are on us.

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