2015 Pipe of the Year by Michael Parks

Each pipe is handmade and approximately 6 inches long by two inches high with a bowl width of 1 5/8 inches and a chamber width of 13/16 inches. Every pipe is stamped with Parks’ nomenclature as well as the Pipes and tobaccos magazine logo and the number of the pipe in the series. There are 30 pipes in all in a variety of finishes. All are briar with the exception of two special morta pipes. See our ad for more information.

Product Information

Our Pipe of the Year for 2015 is a traditional Lovat made by one of the world’s premier pipemakers: Michael Parks of Ontario, Canada. Most of his time is dedicated to special orders these days, but he managed to find the time to make 30 pipes for this project. It wasn’t easy—his work is in great demand, and we’d hoped to have the pipes earlier in the year—but we’re gratified that such a renowned carver would accommodate a project such as this.

We ran a feature article on Parks in 2008 and his pipes were remarkable then, but if anything, they’re even better now. These pipes are beautifully proportioned, flawlessly engineered and are high-performance smoking instruments that will inspire your favorite tobaccos to provide all the flavor and nuance you could hope for.

Each pipe is stamped with Parks’ nomenclature as well as the year, the number of the pipe and the Pipes and tobaccos logo. Most are sandblasted, and a Parks sandblast is a wonder. A few smooth pipes are available as well. Stems are in a variety of Cumberland and black. Images of each pipe should be on the P&T website when this issue arrives in your mailbox.

Each pipe is a unique, handmade specimen, so there will be slight variation in dimensions, but generally you
can expect a length of 6 1/8 inches, shank diameter (at stem) of 5/8 inches, bowl height of 2 inches,
bowl width of 1 5/8 inches and chamber width of 13/16 inches.

Available finishes and attendant pricing are as follows:

Light—Natural Tanshell $850
Medium—Contrast $825
Dark—Black with Red Undertones $795
Smooths $1,350 to $1,750